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Add-On Licenses

Notewise Subscription Plans

Notewise Subscription Plans offers Add-On License options to make the process of transferring and sharing your recordings easy. These Add-On License features enable organizations to share Session Data and Media across any devices that are on an organization’s Add-On License Billing Account. There are two Add-On License Plans, each with different feature sets but achieving the same goal of sharing media and data between Notewise systems.

Enterprise License

The Enterprise License allows users to transfer Session Data and Media from one piece of Notewise 3 hardware to another. This is accomplished by using a small amount of cloud storage that both pieces of hardware have access to. One machine uploads a Session to this limited storage and the other machine then downloads it; the process is largely automated and should only require one click or two.  
$10.00 per device/month. SKU: JAV-NEL


Cloud Storage License

The Cloud Storage License enables users to automatically backup all Session Data and Media in the Cloud indefinitely, enabling them to rely on that cloud storage as a central, accessible archive. Once hardware with ‘Upload Permissions’ has finished recording, it automatically begins sending the Session’s Data and Media to the Cloud. Upon completion, any User with proper permissions can access/download that session. Note that Enterprise Licenses are required for Notewise 3 hardware to upload Cloud Storage. 
$120.00 per 100GB, per account. SKU: JAV-NCA

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