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Best Practices in Digital Reporting

Digital Reporting

AAERT is the national certifying organization for digital reporters and legal transcribers. AAERT’s  Mission Statement states: The American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers provides education and certification for professionals engaged in digital reporting, transcribing, and associated roles. AAERT offers networking opportunities for its members and promotes public awareness about the value of digital reporting. 

AAERT establishes that the Best Practice for digital court reporting systems should include: 

  • A recording consisting of four to 12 individual channels of audio with visual indicators of the audio energy.

  • Quality microphones capable of capturing the spoken word of each participant.

  • Provide a method of monitoring the recording after the files are writing to the system – confidence monitoring .

  • The creation of detailed notes that are linking to that point and time in the recording.

  • Playback while maintaining the recording process.

  • A player capable of playing back the recording while preserving the original multi-channel format.

  • A method for saving the recording to an alternate location, or archiving.

  • A technique for file retrieval whether that was five minutes ago or five years ago.

  • A method for distributing the recorded content.

Every recommendation is necessary to ensure we capture a professional and accurate representation occurring during a proceeding for the production of a verbatim transcript. Does your recording system meet these requirements?  

If not, contact us to learn more.

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