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Up to 12 Discreet Audio Channels

Multi-channel audio capture is necessary when trying to record important events, meetings, proceedings, testimony and more.

Notewise gives you control over each audio channel. The intuitive software automatically creates a digital audio channel (up to 12) for every available microphone connected to your system.  Assign custom names and colors to each channel to maximize your recording experience. 

Up to 12 DIscreet Audio Channels
Up to 12 DIscreet Audio Channels

Annotations - Live and Post

Your annotations are important, whether at the time of recording or after the fact.

Notewise keeps both manual and automatic annotations, and timestamps everything so that you can access the recording that prompted each entry.  Keep your annotations as you are recording live or follow up later with entries while in playback mode.  Also, choose to export your notes into various formats for further reference. Easily search for notes using Player Find and Playback.

Multi-User Permissions

Larger operations need control over who has access to recording /playback functionality. Take control of your recordings with user permissions.

There are four main roles in the Notewise environment, Guest, Basic, Admin, and Owner. Adding a new member is as easy as clicking a button and entering a few simple details.

Multi-User Permissions

Segmenting Recordings

Recordings can be viewed and segmented.

Notewise allows for sessions to be viewed through JAVS free software Viewer. From the browse screen, a user can click on the “View Recording in Viewer” button. After selecting a location for a session to be published, an instance of Viewer will open with the selected session playing. Only works with OGG and MP4 files.

Spanish Text Capability

Globalization: Notewise supports Spanish as a language for the user interface.

This can be enabled either by setting your PC’s localization to Spanish or by using the Spanish Language Notewise shortcut, which can be added during installation. 

Notewise Spanish Version
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