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How many channels of audio can Notewise record?

Notewise as a recording application is able to record up to 12 discrete channels of audio.  This is dependent upon the mixer or interface connected to the computer running Notewise.

What file format(s) does Notewise record in?

For audio only recording, Notewise records in .ogg format.  This is commonly known as Ogg Vorbis.  This is a fully open, non-proprietary, patent-and-royalty-free, general-purpose compressed audio format for high to mid quality audio and music.

Video recordings produce two files.  An .ogg for transcription and channel separation needs.  And a stereo (2-channel) .mp4 file for video playback needs and applications.

How do I playback files recorded in Notewise?

As Notewise records in a non-proprietary file format there are multiple media players out there capable of playing back both the .mp4 and .ogg file formats.  To utilize the logging and activity tools within Notewise, you will want to have JAVS Viewer 2015. Viewer 2015 also offers footpedal control for transcriptionists.

Does Notewise provide confidence monitoring?

Yes.  Both audio and audio/video versions of Notewise provide confidence monitoring of the recorded audio from hard disk.  There is typically a delay of about 3 seconds between the live audio and the recorded playback.

What type of mixers and interfaces does Notewise work with?

Notewise supports all ASIO (Audio Stream Input/Output) and WASAPI (Windows Audio Session API) audio devices over a host computers USB connection.

It is important to note, some sound cards utilize ASIO4ALL.  The Notewise application may be able to utilize these drivers from time to time, but they are not supported.

What operating systems does Notewise work with?

Notewise as an audio only application runs on Windows 7 and Windows 10.  Video recording applications should be running on the 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and Windows 10.  Notewise does not run on OSx environments.

How does licensing work with Notewise?

Licensed as an all-in-one application, Notewise allows you to install the software on one computer.  You may have multiple user accounts on this computer, but you are not able to simultaneously or concurrently operate Notewise on multiple computers.

How do the account roles work within Notewise?

Notewise was designed to give ‘Owners’ the ability to easily add/edit/remove users under their account.  Owners have all functionality and would typically be the user responsible for managing the subscription.
The ‘Admin’ role can record but can also be used for setting up the system to support new and existing users.
Basic users can record, create notes & schedules and playback recordings within their department.  They can also edit their notes and schedules.

Guest users can find and view recordings that are not locked down by department or sealed properties.  They aren’t able to delete or edit anything.

Where can I find a User Manual for Notewise?

You can download the Notewise manual here.

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