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Learning Tools

Notewise is an innovative platform designed for next level digital recording. Get Notewise today for multi-channel AV capture, digital recording, playback, service, and support for video conferencing, meetings, depositions, court proceedings, hearings and more. Learn more with our step-by-step videos.

Step-by-Step Guide: Record Remote Appearances with Notewise by JAVS

A learning tutorial on how to set up and record remote appearances using a video conferencing platform and Notewise Recording Software powered by JAVS.


Configuring Notewise: Digital Recording Software by JAVS

A learning how-to video that provides instructions how-to configure Notewise to record and other additional features.


Notewise Recording Panel

This learning how-to video provides explanationsof tools that you see andhear during a recording session.


How to Schedule Future Session with Notewise

This how-to video teaches you how to schedule future recordings within Notewise Digital Recording Software.


How to start a recording with Notewise

This video provides info on different ways to start a recording session with Notewise digital recording software .


How to adjust audio levels in Notewise digital recording software

This video will teach you how to adjust audio levels from within Notewise while recording.


Notewise Digital Recording Software: Annotating How-to Video

This video will show you how to create annotations and the tools to accomplish this in Notewise.



Notewise Digital Recording Software: Completed Recording Sessions Management

This video provides instructions for recordings when completed.
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